The Siragusa Family Foundation is proud to support more than 100 organizations through its grantmaking. The foundation monitors the effectiveness of each grantee and its programs in a number of ways. We request that each of the following are completed in a timely fashion.

Acknowledgment Letter

An acknowledgment letter that includes the program name, the grant amount and the statement “No goods or services were provided as a result of this contribution” should be submitted promptly after receiving a grant payment.

Site Visits

All grantees are encouraged to coordinate with staff at least one site visit per year so that the foundation may observe and more fully understand the programming supported. The foundation understands that some programs occur during certain times of the year and looks forward to working with its grantees to schedule these visits at a mutually agreeable time.

Grant Report or Scholarship Update

A grant report or scholarship update detailing the activities carried out as supported by the foundation must be submitted annually. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Staff Updates

Grantees should promptly update the foundation about any staff changes that occur within their organization, specifically those regarding persons involved with a grant, i.e. executive, development and program staff. The Staff Update Form can be submitted as often as needed throughout the year.

Other Changes

Grantees are also expected to notify the foundation immediately if the following should occur:

  • The organization’s tax exemption is revoked or if there are any reasonable grounds to believe that it may be revoked.
  • The organization cannot expend the funds provided for the purposes specified in the award letter.
  • There is a change in the organization’s corporate structure, or if there is a significant change in management or operation.
  • There is a change with relation to the program that is being funded by the foundation.

Please contact the foundation staff with any questions or concerns.

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