Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Mr. Ross D. Siragusa, III

Chair & President

Mr. John R. Siragusa, III

Vice President

Ms. Sinclair C. Siragusa


Ms. Caitlyn R. Hicks


Mr. James Durkan

Mr. Charles D. Fox, IV

Mr. Noah Ginsburg

Mr. John Ross Hicks

Mr. Michael T. Hicks

Ms. Alisa S. Perrotte

Ms. Irene S. Phelps

Ms. Isabel K. Siragusa

Mr. Marco Siragusa

Mr. Philip Siragusa

Director Emeritus

Mr. George E. Driscoll

Mr. James B. Wilson

Mr. Melvyn H. Schneider

Life Trustee

Mrs. Ross D. Siragusa

Foundation Staff

Mr. John E. Hicks, Jr.

Executive Director

Mrs. Crystal Robinson

Senior Program Officer

A philanthropic partner of nonprofits to improve communities throughout the Chicago region

Through its giving, the Siragusa Family Foundation seeks to fulfill its mission of supporting efforts that help people help themselves and experience a better quality of life.