About Us

Established in 1950 by Ross D. Siragusa, the Siragusa Family Foundation is governed today by his descendants, whose support of charitable organizations reflects the founder’s special interests.

Our Vision

To work in partnership with organizations, communities and other philanthropic entities to connect those in need to services, bridge people to opportunities, and engage them as valued individuals in a caring society with the purpose of fulfilling basic needs, enhancing quality of life and fostering a sense of community. Learn about our history.

Our Values

Through its giving, the Siragusa Family Foundation seeks to fulfill its mission of supporting efforts that help people help themselves and experience a better quality of life. Fundamental to all foundation grantmaking are the following values:

Effectiveness & Accountability

Building sustained relationships with organizations that use best practices will lead to stronger organizations that can better serve their communities.

Compassion & Respect for Human Dignity

The foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of the underserved by helping people to help themselves so that they may achieve a better quality of life.

Opportunity & Belief in Human Capacity

Providing access to opportunities will allow people to self-determine their life goals and chart a path that they choose.

Self-Empowerment & Community Impact

Empowering individuals will lead to the strengthening and transformation of communities.

Leadership & Trust

The foundation seeks to lead by investing in organizations that know best how to fulfill their goals of making positive changes in their communities.

Grantmaking Priorities

Arts Learning

School-Based Arts Learning

Support arts organizations to create and apply deep multi-week school-based arts education programming that promotes the artistic, academic and social-emotional development of youth.

Community-Based Arts Learning

Support arts organizations that bring arts outreach and learning opportunities to under-resourced communities.


College Success

Support organizations that prepare underserved college-bound students to apply for and persist through the first years of college by providing academic counseling, quality instruction and social emotional support.

Career Pathways

Support jobs training and placement programs that increase the economic opportunities of disadvantaged individuals by providing job readiness skills, employment experiences, certifications and supports to help them succeed in work and life.


Health & Well-Being

Support access to services that improve health and wellness for youth and families in disadvantaged communities, specifically mental health services as integral to primary health care.

Safe Communities

Support organizations that reduce and prevent community violence by providing intervention, restorative justice, leadership development and social-emotional support to youth.

Board and Staff

The Siragusa Family Foundation honors its founder Ross D. Siragusa by engaging future generations of family members as philanthropic leaders and stewards of his charitable legacy — a legacy which is aimed at continuing the original philanthropic intent of the founder to meet the current needs of the communities that the foundation supports.

Following in Mr. Siragusa’s philanthropic footsteps, the foundation supports organizations that provide access and opportunity to the underserved so that they are empowered to help themselves and to experience a better quality of life.

Financial Statements

We value transparency and make our recent tax returns available to the public.

A philanthropic partner of nonprofits to improve communities throughout the Chicago region

Through its giving, the Siragusa Family Foundation seeks to fulfill its mission of supporting efforts that help people help themselves and experience a better quality of life.